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New to the working world? Get in the right zone!

Format: Print
Language: English/French
Size:  40.6 cm by 63.5 cm
16 in by 25 in

*Minimum order of 2 posters applies.

Product Description

Full of energy and enthusiasm, young workers can be a valuable asset to an organization. Yet this spirit, coupled with an eagerness to please and a lack of experience, may increase the risk of workplace injuries or illnesses.

Help the young workers in your life. Let them know about CCOHS’ Young Workers Zone, a special website packed with the information and tools they need in order to venture into the work world on a safe footing.

Display this poster to help get the word out about the importance of workplace health and safety – at any age!

This poster is printed double-sided, with English on one side and French on the other.

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