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This part of ISO 9241 describes minimum ergonomic requirements and recommendations to be applied to colours assigned to text and graphic applications and images in which colours are discretely assigned. The specifications in this part thus exclude photorealistic images and graphics.

This part of ISO 9241 applies to both hardware and software for visual display terminals, because both these sources control the presentation and appearance of colour on the display screen.

The specifications, measurements and test procedures described in this part of ISO 9241 are for displays that produce colour images and are intended to be independent of display technologies unless otherwise specified.

The specifications in this part of ISO 9241 are for images on computer displays that meet minimum requirements for users with normal colour vision. Displays conforming to this part will be suboptimal for persons with colour vision deficiencies.

This part of ISO 9241 is complementary to ISO 9241-3. The tasks and conditions of use in this part are similar to those described in ISO 9241-3, unless otherwise specified. This part of ISO 9241 is not intended to be a specification on colour coding.

Although the primary users of this part of ISO 9241 are intended to be hardware and software user-interface designers and manufacturers, it will also be useful to those persons responsible for procuring colour displays and those evaluating the use of colour in the user-interface of the computer system.