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This Standard covers the fire resistance, toxicity, and stability with respect to separation of water-in-oil emulsions of hydraulic fluids intended for use at mines.

This Standard covers fluid in the following categories:

(a) Category 1 - fluid that shows no measurable flame persistence (i e, less than 1 s) in either of the flammability tests specified in this Standard;

(b) Category 2 - fluid that passes both the spray and wick flammability tests specified in this Standard;

(c) Category 3 - fluid that passes the spray ignition test specified in this Standard but may not be capable of passing the wick test.

This Standard does not cover products of combustion or products of thermal degradation from hydraulic fluids subjected to fire or heating.

Note: While the object of this Standard is to establish a reasonable level of fire resistance for hydraulic fluids, it is recognized that any hydraulic fluid may burn under conditions different from those described in this Standard.