MMS/Legislation Technician (Bilingual)File Reference Number: GE-036

Through its services and products, CCOHS advances health and safety in Canadian workplaces and the physical and mental well being of Canadians.

The General Health and Safety Services Unit provides a comprehensive service of information and supports work-related health and safety initiatives on all areas of workplace, health and safety (other than chemical safety) to improve the total health of the individual – mental, physical and psychosocial.

The GHSS Production team that manages the MMS and Legislation service:


  1. Acts as direct point of contact for MMS clients, providing customer service that includes problem solving, trouble shooting, maintaining up-to-date information for each client for billing purposes and preparation of binders (when applicable) as well, provides customer support related to Legislation product (e.g. inquiries about jurisdictional legislation).

    Time allocation between services is balanced based on Service Unit requirements but will always include a blend of MMS and Legislation.

    Maintains the integrity of and deadlines for the MSDS Database including updating, ensuring the accuracy and correct information in submissions and contributor files (from manufacturer and suppliers). Each Production Technician is assigned a monthly datasheet target (key performance indicator) as part of the production performance standard.

    Enters information required for lead generation into CRM, client accounts, price issues etc. and notifies the Account Manager.

    Maintains and builds client collections by obtaining MSDSs from the MSDS database, searching supplier websites, emailing and interacting with suppliers, scanning datasheets and verifying, creating and approving records to be included in client collections. Adding information to the database records to include subsets created by department/location as requested by the client.

    Training and support for all new Production Technicians, support staff and contractors on the input, maintenance and currency of records in client collection. (80%)

  2. Scans, formats, XML tags and hot-links legislation documents in English and French in preparation for converting to HTML for web-based products (e.g. EnviroOSH). Incorporates new amendments into the legislative service in both English and French. Prints the processed XML documents for proofing to ensure error free content. (15%)

  3. Other duties as assigned. (5%)

Nature and Scope of Position

The incumbent reports to the Supervisor, General Health and Safety Services.

The incumbent works closely with members of the General Health and Safety Service Units and Project Teams, as assigned. The incumbent is expected to develop knowledge, skills and ability and to be fully cross trained in MMS and Legislation services. The incumbent is expected to participate in the planning of the Service Unit or Team activities, to ensure that s/he plays an active part in achieving the goals without causing work overload or imposing conflicting demands, including deadlines. S/he must adjust to frequently changing priorities and deadlines, and notify their Service Unit Manager should time constraints or other challenges arise that require resolution.

The incumbent is accountable for completing work assigned in monthly plans and annual business plans.

Project Teams - Employees may from time-to-time also become members of Project Teams. Project Teams focus resources on the development and deployment of specific initiatives, which may be product, service or project-oriented. These teams have approved plans, goals and timelines. Teams may consist of employees from different units or may be multi-disciplinary, depending on requirements. Project teams are intended to have a defined time-line and are not intended to encompass ongoing activities or duties, which should reside in Service Unit Plans.

Team Leaders may be employees appointed by the Management team, or Managers appointed by the Vice-President, Operations. They are expected to lead their teams by developing and implementing approved plans, and reporting on progress. The Management team participates in the review of plans, evaluates priorities and resources, team progress and provides advice and support to ensure team success.


The incumbent possesses:

  • Sound knowledge of the MMS and Legislation products
  • Knowledge of software programs used for creation, editing and quality assurance in Filemaker, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), Arbortext, Adobe, Vubuild and Dreamweaver.
  • Sound knowledge of the internal MSDS database application, including input, database maintenance, processes and procedures which must be followed for reliable operations.
  • Knowledge of WHMIS supplier and employer compliance issues as they relate to SDS currency, provision of updates and legislative compliance.
  • Excellent analytical skills at identifying, researching SDS information.
  • Excellent communication skills in order to communicate clearly with suppliers, clients, internal stakeholders (i.e. Systems, Inquiries and Finance) and external contacts in obtaining up-to-date MSDS’s (within 3 years)
  • Knowledge of processing, formatting and tagging legislation.
  • Ability to proof all documents and record errors in original documents (e.g. Acts & Regulations).
  • Participate within the GHSS Production Team by providing input and new suggestions on processes, procedures, product development, and continuous improvement
  • Able to adapt to frequent changes and additions to work methods and processes and participate as a fully cross-trained member of the GHSS Production Team.
  • Understands custom client work as required (e.g. developing new style sheets for client policy and procedure manuals).


The incumbent will:

  • Evaluates MSDSs for a client collection to identify any potential problems or issues which should be addressed such as non-MSDS materials, currency problems, gaps in department collections, duplicate copies, etc.
  • Processes the collection or its updates generally following procedures, and using judgement to prioritize work across multiple assigned client collections, and working to meet specific client deadlines.
  • Searches for MSDSs using research skills, and general approaches including contacting domestic and international suppliers via internet, e-mail, and phone to acquire MSDSs.
  • Identifies problems or issues with updating MSDSs such as discontinued products or inactive suppliers, or non-WHMIS controlled products, and contacting the client as necessary to communicate the issue and bring it to resolution.
  • Develops customized PowerPoint training for clients including unique requirements (such as departments) be integrated into the presentation.


The incumbent will:

  • Follow existing general procedures but if unusual circumstances arise colleagues will provide assistance and guidance. The ability to apply previous practices (e.g. documents already processed) or refer to and apply general principles is critical to this position. Some judgment is required in using the day-to-day procedures.
  • Prioritize work across multiple assigned client collections or priority legislative updates for compliance purposes, maintain client MSDSs.
  • Maintain and update production work, ensuring high quality and currency (95%) for products.
  • Correct errors and omissions and approve client collections when identified through quality assurance procedures for direct release on the Web Information Service (WIS).
  • Respond to time-sensitive deadlines (e.g. client audited by regulators).
  • Keep current of legislative changes that may affect client compliance.
  • Aware of additions to work methods and processes (e.g. arbortext and Filemaker upgrades).
  • Ensure currency verified & maintained at specified intervals.
  • Resolve client access or currency concerns and respond to and support clients directly or redirects issues to ICS for health and safety response and follows up as necessary.
  • Participate in the Production Team Unit by providing input and new suggestions on processes, procedures, and product development.

Working Conditions

Physical Effort: Works at a computer for long periods: the incumbent spends approximately six hours per day using the keyboard and mouse. There is restricted movement as almost all the work is connected to computer use and phone work. The workstation is ergonomically set up. The employee has control over the daily work and has the opportunity to get up, stretch and walk on a regular basis.

Physical Environment: There can be a high volume of work and accuracy is required. There is a potential for RMI if safe work procedures are not followed. Due to prolonged use of cursor keys when processing documents, and when working in the MSDS database.

Sensory Attention: Attention to detail when researching, identifying and processing documents, when work is required in both English and French. There can be difficulty reading and identifying required information from poor quality or scanned documents. Active listening is required when interacting with clients, manufacturers and suppliers.

Mental Stress: There may be conflicting priorities and persistent stress related to year-end or client-related contact and deadlines. There are production schedules to be met for product lines. There can be a high level of stress related to workload, tight deadlines, non-responsive and negative suppliers or dissatisfied clients.


A sound knowledge of Service Unit products/services and database management software such as Filemaker, Arbortext, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) are required. HTML software to perform text conversion and knowledge of the Adobe Professional PDF creation software is essential.

Ability to search for information through a number of sources including the internet, databases etc.

A minimum of post-secondary education specializing in Occupational Health and Safety or the equivalent.

Excellent oral and listening skills.

Good written communication skills.

Strong organizational skills with excellent attention to detail.

Ability to work in a team environment is essential.

Ability to communicate in both official languages is required.


Within the range of

$49,517 to $61,897 (CCOHS-06) per annum.

Application Deadline

Friday, April 21, 2017

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