IT Operations Service Unit ManagerFile Reference Number: CM-09

Through its services and products, CCOHS advances health and safety in Canadian workplaces, and the physical and mental well being of Canadians.

Each Service Unit provides a comprehensive information based service on all aspects of health and safety to fulfill the needs of Canadians.

Each Service Unit Manager is responsible for achieving the performance goals and revenue targets assigned to the products and services of the Service Unit on a fiscal year over year basis in full support of the CCOHS Strategic Plan. The work of the Service Unit is aligned with the CCOHS Strategic Plan and accomplished through the staff within the Unit as well as cross functional project teams.

Reporting to the Vice-President, Operations, the Service Unit Manager champions excellence of performance, ensures the success of the planning and plan implementation process, manages the staff of the Service Unit and works to develop staff through one on one coaching and training opportunities as appropriate, provides leadership, sets an example to others and creates a healthy workplace for people to thrive in.

A highly customer-focused position, the IT Operations Manager oversees and maintains the operational integrity of technologies and services provided internally to CCOHS employees and externally to customers through core products and services. The incumbent works closely with managers and project teams to implement new projects, revise or restructure products and services, deploy new services, develop service requirements, and maintain product Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


  1. Oversees the delivery of technical support, supervision and management of the IT operations team to ensure all CCOHS end users receive prompt, courteous and proficient support as related to the continued development and support of legacy products and services.

    Reviews architecture and build of products/services and ensures features remain competitive with comparable products and that CCOHS continues to operate on development platforms that are common to the skill set of a large pool of developers.

    Identifies internal and external features as related to the products/services and the features that deliver value and takes steps to proactively prevent and/or solve problems.

    Reviews and makes recommendations on the ongoing interaction and integration of products with a view to simplification, flexibility and optimization.

    Leads and manages all internal IT project initiatives and provides management with regular progress reports. Works with the development team to articulate and execute development initiatives.

    Responsible for leading the creation, implementation and management of all procedures and processes related to collecting, analyzing, prioritizing and resolving end user requests including ongoing process review and improvement.

    Identifies key performance metrics and regularly reviews data with team to determine process updates and improvements for projects, legacy products and services.

    Manages positive and effective relationship between management, end users and IT support team (75%)

  2. Manage the overall operational, budgetary, and financial responsibilities and activities of the service unit.

    Plan and allocate resources to effectively staff and accomplish the work to meet service unit productivity and quality goals.

    Review service unit performance data which may include financial, sales, and activity reports in order to monitor and measure departmental productivity, goal achievement, and overall effectiveness.

    Participation as a member of an IT Steering Committee that discusses and makes recommendations on the broader issues initiatives and activities at the Centre. (15%)

  3. Other related duties, as required. (10%)

Nature and Scope of Position

The position reports to the Vice-President, Operations. The position manages a cross-disciplinary team representing the core competencies required to successfully achieve targets and goals assigned to the Service Unit through the CCOHS Strategic Plan.

The Service Unit Manager is responsible for consciously creating a workplace culture that is consistent with the mission, vision, guiding principles, and values of the organization. As well as leading employees using a performance management by completing annual performance appraisals for employees within the Service Unit, and provide input on the performance of Project team members from other Service Units. Develop processes that provide an overall context and framework to encourage employee contribution and includes goal setting, feedback, and performance development planning. In addition lead employees to meet the organization's expectations for productivity, quality, and goal accomplishment.

  • The core competencies include: Decision Making: using sound judgment to make good decisions based on information gathered and analyzed. Considers all pertinent facts and alternatives before deciding on the most appropriate action or solution and commits to a final decision.
  • Problem solving: analyzes problems by gathering and organizing all relevant information, and identifying cause and effect to develop appropriate solutions.
  • Team work: interacts with colleagues and staff effectively. Able and willing to share and receive information. Supports senior management team and staff and puts team’s goals ahead of own goals.
  • Communication: expresses ideas effectively in a way that produces the desired result, organizes and delivers information appropriately. Listens actively and maintains confidentially when required.
  • Social Intelligence: (SI), understands social situations and dynamics, and has the ability to operate effectively in a variety of social situations as well as demonstrating sensitivity to social situations.
  • Conflict resolution: assists others in resolving interpersonal conflicts.


This position requires extensive knowledge of information technology management (theories, practices, techniques and standards), and project management as well as knowledge of current trends in information technology management, in order to make recommendations to senior management.

In depth knowledge of project management principles focusing on planning and organizing IT projects and its resources is required. This includes identifying and managing product lifecycle, applying it to the user-centered design process, formulating the project team, and efficiently guiding the team through all phases until project completion.

The incumbent requires strong analytical skills to gather information and evaluate options to develop solutions for recommendation and direction to senior management. Strong negotiation skills are required in order to negotiate with managers for resources and for negotiating with external vendors on contract cost and timelines. Managers may seek to determine potential causes of a problem, the people and processes involved in the issue and any constraints placed on the decision-making process.


The incumbent weighs pros and cons of each potential solution, seeks additional information if needed and makes the final decision on which option has the best chance of success at the least cost. Ensures all problems/issues that may affect deliverables/milestones are dealt with in a timely manner.

The Manager, in consultation with other Service Unit Managers is responsible for ensuring that plans which could change according to priorities will continue to be appropriately resourced. While on customer facing project work the Manager must work closely with the client to effectively manage deadlines, deliverables and internal client expectations working to resolve issues and challenges as they present arise.

The incumbent is responsible for managing all service unit priorities to ensure that all work assigned to the Unit is completed within the schedule, as well as identifying sales and marketing opportunities to increase revenue. The ability to manage and build consensus across functional teams and Service Units and to effectively manage change is also required.


This positon is responsible for designing, maintaining, and growth planning for the infrastructure supporting CCOHS and the delivery of day to day service levels for internal clients. Ensure quality standards and compliance measures are met for products such as the center’s website, MMS, Legislation, Canwrite and data bases, as well as projects such as WIS and Accumatica upgrades. The Manager is responsible for achieving the performance goals and targets assigned to the Service Unit. The Manager is responsible for ensuring that Service Unit plans are consistent with the Strategic Plan and are accomplished accordingly. The incumbent will set direction and has full authority for their work as well as the work of others in the service unit.

Working Conditions

Physical Effort: The employee works at a computer (keyboarding and mousing to read and reply to e-mail, prepare reports, review information, etc.) for the majority of the work day. The work is interspersed with non-computer based activity, such as reading, thinking, proof-reading, photocopying, filing. The employee has some control over the workload and has the opportunity to get up, stretch, and walk on a regular basis. Some stooping and lifting (or handling of light material) may be required.

Physical Environment: The employee works at a desk and/or a computer workstation with a keyboard and a mouse for the majority of the work day. The workstation and desk are ergonomically set up, with a wrist rest, mouse rest, document holder, task lamp, as required. The lighting meets standards and there are adjustable blinds on the windows as required. The building environmental controls meet general office requirements.

Sensory Attention: The position requires concentration to compose, enter data, proof-read, quality assure, read routine information, communicate with others via e-mail, search for information and listen to others carefully.

Mental Stress: Supervision of staff and working with Service Units, Managers, and Project Teams. The position requires concentration when reviewing their own work and work of direct reports. There is an high need for precision to c proof-read, quality assure, read and understand information, communicate with others via e-mail, and listen to others carefully. There are Interruptions while concentrating on a complex task. There are nnumerous shifting and competing priorities, consequence of missed deadlines or errors, and providing advice where there is risk of public criticism.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, or related degree.
  • A minimum of 5-10 years of leadership experience that includes project management and the responsibility for managing high performance teams of IT professionals.
  • 5-10 years progressive work related experience in information systems operations, computer operating environment, analysis, or development.
  • A well demonstrated successful track record in the management and progression of IT teams and their results/achievements
  • Advanced knowledge of project development, including process mapping, budgeting and timeline creation.
  • Strong analytical and software abilities, with knowledge of enterprise development tools and techniques.
  • Highly organized, with strong attention to detail and demonstrated ability to manage simultaneous projects.
  • Advanced verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with vendor and license management
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint), and Microsoft Office 365
  • Ability to build strong relationships with team and stakeholders.
  • Ability to read and prepare reports and business communications.
  • Ability to coach and mentor others.
  • Ability to communicate in both official languages is desirable.


Within the range of

$91,539 to $117,856 (CCOHS-13) per annum.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

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